R I C H   W E S T


Capturing cinematic 6K, 12-bit RAW Footage, with multiple filming rigs inc steady-cam, plus mobile editing suite.

Professional waterproof housed 6k - 12bit RAW 120fps camera for amazing underwater footage.


Licensed drone pilot with hundreds of hours worldwide client flight time - 6k 10bit waterproof drone.


Rich West

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 
Rich West is a British filmmaker whose roots began with the prestigious Limelight TV and M.A.K Studios team based in Bedford, England.
There he filmed content globally for a wide range of clients including Disney, Microsoft, House of Marley and BT to name a few, and Artist's such as Tinie Tempah, Emma Bunton, and Years & Years, plus some of the world's top athletes.
Now based in beautiful Cornwall as a freelance videographer filming by land, sea, and air for a wide range of clientele.