Capturing cinematic 6K, 12-bit RAW Footage, with multiple filming rigs inc steady-cam, plus mobile editing suite.

Professional waterproof housed 6k - 12bit RAW 120fps camera for amazing underwater footage.

Licensed drone pilot with hundreds of hours worldwide client flight time - 6k 10bit waterproof drone.


Rich West

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 
Rich West is a British filmmaker whose roots began with the prestigious Limelight TV and M.A.K Studios team based in Bedford, England.
There he filmed content globally for a wide range of clients including Disney, Microsoft, House of Marley and BT to name a few, and Artist's such as Tinie Tempah, Emma Bunton, and Years & Years, plus some of the world's top athletes.
Now based in beautiful Cornwall as a freelance videographer filming by land, sea, and air for a wide range of clientele.

Whether it's a large or small production , full digital storyboarding allows an unprecedented level of visualisation

Multiple platform editing

All content available in multiple formats for use on social media platforms, including, vertical, square, cinematic, and subtitled if required.

15 years sound engineering experience, making sure you sound as good as you look!